Aquadynamic Limited provides global logistics capabilities as a 3rd party logistics service provider that cater to a wide range of logistics requirements in the energy, oil and gas sector.
We provide marine logistics services and operations support, haulage services and other 3rd party logistics capabilities for our customers in the energy, oil gas industry.
We own and we have access to industry standard equipment and professional operators and we can provide exceptional services in the following areas:

Swamp Drilling Operations
& Support

With over fifteen (15) years of experience in swamp operations support under our belt, we provide various marine spread and expertise for swamp drilling operations. We own and have access to industry standard equipment and professional operators. Below, is a list of marine spread for swamp drilling operations support.
  • Dump barges
  • Ramp barges
  • House boats
  • Crew boats
  • Security boats
We also provide specialized barges such as
  • Mud and brine transport barges (Barges fitted with tanks, pumps, compressors, hopper mixers, filtration units and agitators depending on customer specification)
  • Dry bulk transportation barges (fitted with silos and compressors depending on customer specification)
  • Countersunk / Corel barges
  • Water barges

Rig Move Support
& Positioning

  • Bathymetric Surveys
  • Hydrographic surveys
We provide marine spread for offshore rig operations support.
  • Platform supply vessels (PSV)
  • Anchor handling tugs (AHT)
  • Crew boats
  • House boats
  • Security vessels

Other Services

Tanker Berthing

Line Handling

Boat Landing Platform