Vahn-Tech International Inc

Vahn-Tech International Inc: is an organization with headquarters in Toronto, Canada and operates from various other locations in Canada and around the world. Vahn-Tech is a manufacturer of different types of valves, actuators, automatic control valves and accessories for various industries including the oil and gas industry. Vahn-Tech International Inc. was founded in 2006 and has been providing quality products and services ever since.

Kings Energy Services Limited

Kings Energy Services Limited is a Canadian based organization that specializes in servicing the oil and gas/ energy sectors. They major in manufacturing, sales, distribution and servicing of quality valves, electrical and instrumentation products. Kings Energy Services Ltd. has been operating since 1977 providing quality products and services across various locations in Canada and many other parts of the world.

Sealweld Corporation

Sealweld is an organization domiciled in Canada. They manufacture various kinds of valve care products which include sealants, cleaners, lubricants and several other accessories that preserve the life of a valve. Besides manufacturing and distributing valve care products, they also provide maintenance and other services for valves and valve accessories. Sealweld has over 40 years of experience in valve care products and services