Preventative maintenance is a crucial way to preserve the life span of your valves in-line as long as required. It also minimizes costly shutdowns and unforeseen outages. We offer services geared towards sustaining the potential life span of valves in use and maximizing the full potentials of the valves. These services include
  • Pre delivery inspection
  • Installation and aftersales services
  • Valve routine maintenance and repairs
  • Emergency sealing services to cover leakage across the seats, body leakage, valve fitting leakage and bonnet leakage.
  • In-line and under pressure trouble shooting that covers, emergency valve sealing, hard-to-turn or seized valves, Internal seal leakage, steam leakage, orifice fitting leakage, flange leakage, receiver/ launcher leakage and actuators and controls
  • Actuator repairs, installation and calibration
  • Consultation services that will cover planning, commissioning and decommissioning, fitting selection, Preventative maintenance, Integrity test for Seats, Adjustment and inspection of valve and actuator travel limits
  • Wellhead valve servicing